MIDI Groove Pack Vol. 1 - Kyle Brownlee

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MIDI Groove Pack Vol. 1 - Kyle Brownlee

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MIDI Groove Pack Vol. 1 - Kyle Brownlee

Make your drums come to life with our

MIDI Groove Packs

Use any Daw, any sampler

Our MIDI Groove Packs are optimized for Soundblind Drum libraries, but are compatible with any sampler and DAW you choose.

Get Pro Drum Grooves

Each MIDI drum groove is written with a full-featured production in mind by a professional drummer. Drag and drop for instant drum performance results.

Customizable files

Quickly and easily move MIDI note placement and velocity in our groove packs to fit your riff, chorus, breakdown, or entire song.


Fully integrates, velocity optimized, and included in the Counterkit drum library by Soundblind Drums.


MIDI Groove Pack Vol. 01 - Kyle Brownlee

140+ MIDI Files come with BPM values used during writing in the filename.

Blast Beats

Blast Beat - Bomb 1.mid
Blast Beat - Bomb 2.mid
Blast Beat - Bomb 3.mid
Blast Beat - Gap 1.mid
Blast Beat - Gap 2.mid
Blast Beat - Gravity 1.mid
Blast Beat - Hoglan 1.mid
Blast Beat - Hoglan 2.mid
Blast Beat - Hoglan 3.mid
Blast Beat - Medium 1.mid
Blast Beat - Medium 2.mid
Blast Beat - Medium 3.mid
Blast Beat - Slow 1.mid
Blast Beat - Traditional 1.mid
Blast Beat - Traditional 2.mid
Blast Beat - Traditional 3.mid
Blast Beat - Traditional 4.mid
Blast Beat - Triplet 1.mid
Blast Beat - Triplet 2.mid
Blast Beat - Colossus 1.mid
Blast Beat - Colossus 2.mid

D Beats

D Beat - Hats 1.mid
D Beat - Hats 2.mid
D Beat - Polyrhythm 1.mid
D Beat - Polyrhythm 2.mid
D Beat - Ride 1.mid
D Beat - Ride 2.mid
D Beat - Toms 1.mid
D Beat - Toms 2.mid


Divided Snare Roll.mid
Mosh Call.mid
Quick Jumpy.mid
Steady Hardcore.mid
Big Flam and Toms.mid
Triple Flam Exit.mid
Up and Down.mid
Big Chugs.mid
Metalcore Basics.mid
Metalcore Pickup.mid
Toms Into Exit.mid
Aggressive Rolls.mid
Blast Hybrid.mid
Metal Intro.mid
Triplet Descending.mid
Paradiddle Out.mid
Staccato Accents.mid
Triplet Prog Bounce.mid
Triplet Showoff.mid

Counterparts Songs

As an extra bonus, this MIDI Groove pack also includes 11 Counterparts songs from start to finish, with tempo information included in each file. Drag and drop into a new session in your DAW to automatically map the tempo.

Nothing Left To Love

01. Love Me.mid
02. Wings of Nightmares.mid
03. Paradise and Plague.mid
04. The Hands That Used to Hold Me.mid
05. Separate Wounds.mid
06. Your Own Knife.mid
07. Cherished.mid
08. Imprints.mid
09. Ocean of Another.mid
10. Nothing Left to Love.mid

A Eulogy For Those Still Here
04. Unwavering Vow.mid

Death Metal

Death Intro 1.mid
Death Intro 2.mid
Death Intro 3.mid
Death Intro 4.mid
Death Verse 1.mid
Death Verse 2.mid
Death Verse 3.mid
Death Verse 4.mid
Death Pre-Chorus 1.mid
Death Pre-Chorus 2.mid
Death Pre-Chorus 3.mid
Death Pre-Chorus 4.mid
Death Chorus 1.mid
Death Chorus 2.mid
Death Chorus 3.mid
Death Chorus 4.mid
Death Bridge 1.mid
Death Bridge 2.mid
Death Bridge 3.mid
Death Bridge 4.mid


Metalcore Intro 1.mid
Metalcore Intro 2.mid
Metalcore Intro 3.mid
Metalcore Intro 4.mid
Metalcore Verse 1.mid
Metalcore Verse 2.mid
Metalcore Verse 3.mid
Metalcore Verse 4.mid
Metalcore Pre-Chorus 1.mid
Metalcore Pre-Chorus 2.mid
Metalcore Pre-Chorus 3.mid
Metalcore Pre-Chorus 4.mid
Metalcore Chorus 1.mid
Metalcore Chorus 2.mid
Metalcore Chorus 3.mid
Metalcore Chorus 4.mid
Metalcore Bridge 1.mid
Metalcore Bridge 2.mid
Metalcore Bridge 3.mid
Metalcore Bridge 4.mid


Hardcore Intro 1.mid
Hardcore Intro 2.mid
Hardcore Intro 3.mid
Hardcore Intro 4.mid
Hardcore Verse 1.mid
Hardcore Verse 2.mid
Hardcore Verse 3.mid
Hardcore Verse 4.mid
Hardcore Pre-Chorus 1.mid
Hardcore Pre-Chorus 2.mid
Hardcore Pre-Chorus 3.mid
Hardcore Pre-Chorus 4.mid
Hardcore Chorus 1.mid
Hardcore Chorus 2.mid
Hardcore Chorus 3.mid
Hardcore Chorus 4.mid
Hardcore Bridge 1.mid
Hardcore Bridge 2.mid
Hardcore Bridge 3.mid
Hardcore Bridge 4.mid

Techy / Prog

Tech Intro 1.mid
Tech Intro 2.mid
Tech Intro 3.mid
Tech Intro 4.mid
Tech Verse 1.mid
Tech Verse 2.mid
Tech Verse 3.mid
Tech Verse 4.mid
Tech Pre-Chorus 1.mid
Tech Pre-Chorus 2.mid
Tech Pre-Chorus 3.mid
Tech Pre-Chorus 4.mid
Tech Chorus 1.mid
Tech Chorus 2.mid
Tech Chorus 3.mid
Tech Chorus 4.mid
Tech Bridge 1.mid
Tech Bridge 2.mid
Tech Bridge 3.mid
Tech Bridge 4.mid


Rock Intro 1.mid
Rock Intro 2.mid
Rock Intro 3.mid
Rock Intro 4.mid
Rock Verse 1.mid
Rock Verse 2.mid
Rock Verse 3.mid
Rock Verse 4.mid
Rock Pre-Chorus 1.mid
Rock Pre-Chorus 2.mid
Rock Pre-Chorus 3.mid
Rock Chorus 1.mid
Rock Chorus 2.mid
Rock Chorus 3.mid
Rock Bridge 1.mid
Rock Bridge 2.mid
Rock Bridge 3.mid

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MIDI Groove Pack Vol. 01 - Kyle Brownlee

System Requirements

To use MIDI files, you must have a DAW or software that will read MIDI.

You must have some kind of virtual drum instrument to read the MIDI.

MIDI Groove Vol. 01 has a MIDI notation optimized for COUNTERKIT. If you wish to use these grooves with a different virtual drum instrument, you may need to reassign MIDI notes to their respective keys.