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Drum Libraries

There are a few quick simple steps to installing your Soundblind Drums library.

• Native Access Software (free)
• Native ID Account (free)
• Kontakt (free)
• Your library serial number

Native Instruments creates a free program called Native Access to distribute software. Download and install Native Access.
Download Native Access: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/support/downloads/

2. Create a free Native ID account within Native Access after installation. If you cannot register inside Native Access, you can register from the Native Instruments website:

3. Login to Native Access, and install Kontakt Player (free).

4. At the top left of Native Access, click “Add a serial”. Enter your Soundblind Drums library serial, and submit it into Native Access.

5. Locate the library in the “Not Installed” tab of Native Access. Below the Counterkit library, click “Install”.

6. Native Access will download and install Counterkit. Load up Kontakt in your DAW or as a standalone, and you will see your new library in the “Libraries” tab of Kontakt.

If you have installation issues or questions, or feel free to contact us at Soundblind Drums Contact Form

Don't worry! If you have any of these issues:

  • Drum library doesn't appear in Native Access
  • Drum library doesn't appear in Kontakt
  • Drum library only partially works
  • Native Access says "Library path is invalid"
  • Kontakt stops working after 15 minute "demo" period
  • Seemingly corrupted download of Drum library

Follow these steps:

1. Uninstall Soundblind Drums Drum Library
2. Uninstall Kontakt Player
3. Uninstall Native Access
4. Download and install the latest version of Native Access (Native Access 2) here: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/support/downloads/
5. Log in to Native Access 2 with your NativeID
6. Enter your Soundblind Drums Drum Library license if required
7. Install the latest version of Kontakt Player (recommended, v6.7.0 as a minimum)
8. Install your Soundblind Drums Drum Library

After those troubleshooting steps, any and all of the above issues will be fixed. Ensuring you're on the latest software will resolve those problems. If by chance you've followed these steps exactly and still have issues, contact us and we will assist you.

Each product lists their respective requirements on the product page itself.

For Kontakt based instruments, you will need a Native Instruments account, Native Access, and Kontakt Player. Kontakt Player will work standalone, or in a DAW such as Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper, Cubase, etc.

For .TCI based instruments, you will need Slate Digital Trigger 2. These are proprietary formatted files specifically for use only within Trigger 2. After that, you can use Trigger 2 in a DAW to replace, blend, or reinforce drum recordings or other virtual instruments with Soundblind Drums' TCI samples.

Kontakt is a sampler created by Native Instruments that allows for any type of sample library to be easily used in a DAW or standalone. You load Kontakt, then inside Kontakt you pick a sample library, then you can use that library via MIDI notes.

Soundblind Drum Libraries use Kontakt to deliver the highest quality, mix-ready drum samples. We also use Kontakt because of how easy it is for the user to download and access the library through Native Access.

Native Access is a hub for managing all of your Native Instruments products and downloads. Using Native Access and a Native Instruments account, you can easily install, uninstall, update, and manage your license keys for all of Soundblind Drums sample libraries.

No more having to worry about if your install worked correctly - Native Access takes care of that for you, streamlining the Kontakt to Library to DAW workflow.

MIDI Groove Packs

MIDI Groove Packs are pre-programmed MIDI files of drum notation to help assist in the speed and efficacy of the writing and recording process. MIDI files can be used in any DAW that support MIDI, and will be read by a virtual drum instrument, such as Soundblind Drums Kontakt libraries.

You will need a DAW and any drum sampler. Then just simply import .MIDI files into your DAW's session, put them on the drum instrument track, and you'll hear the MIDI drum part. Please note that MIDI Groove Packs come with a specific MIDI map. You may need to rearrange MIDI notes based on the drum sampler you're using. For instance, if MIDI note C1 is KICK in our groove pack, but you use a sampler where C0 is KICK, you will need to drag the actual MIDI notes to the respective and correct note, or remap the MIDI notes in your drum sampler.

Drum Bundles

Drum bundles include a bunch of stuff that are product specific. Each drum bundle will list exactly what is included with it on the respective product page. It could be anything from stems, MIDI, sheet music transcriptions to Guitar Pro tabs. Please check the product page you're interested in for file details, and if you have further questions, please contact us at Soundblind Drums Contact Form